shopbop sale time!

shopbop MAINEVENT16 sale.
it’s one of my favorite times of the year again… SALE TIME AT SHOPBOP! use code MAINEVENT16 for 25 percent off your (qualifying) purchase up to $500, and 30 percent — THIRTY. PERCENT. — off $500 or more. here’s what’s in my basket this morning. what’s in yours?

1. looking forward to this book, which i hope solves all major scarf hangups and maybe opens the door to a bunch of new scarf styling opportunity — god knows i need it.

2. you see that scarf has pockets, right? pockets — on a scarf.

3. i plan to grab a couple of these indego africa baskets to use as catch-alls on each side of the bed.

AND, not pictured: i want to put it out there that these are my favorite boots of the season. they are amazingly comfortable, stand up to some weather (no snow yet though!) and the wedge is a perfect way to add a little height for this anti-heel girl. at 25 percent off, they’re a steal. the quality is a+.

the sale runs through tonight, so go now!

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