inspired by… dolly parton.

[from top left: denim top from romwe … hoop earrings by yochi design … gem scarf from hayden harnett … dolly parton lithograph designed by kii arens (painting by jorge) … cream eyeshadow in ‘burn it blue’ from nars … lip balm stain* by revlon … shoes by fluevog … sequin shorts from topshop]

*this balm/stain is the best thing i’ve discovered in a long time. it lasts forever (i woke up the other morning and kind of scared myself when i looked in the mirror—my lips were still as bright and pink as the night before), and it costs under $8, PLUS it makes me look just like emma stone. … oook, that was a little game of ‘2 truths and a lie.’ anyway, go buy it.

(originally posted july 24, 2012)

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  1. LOL I have heard many good things about those lip stains! I must try them. I absolutely love this post – I’m really into denim tops and this one is amaze. And the shoes – too cute!!!

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