plant life.

geometric mugavu planter via @mooreaseal.

i had a little trouble deciding whether i wanted to turn this have-to-have wooden geometric planter into something i needed (a vessel for makeup brushes?) or something i didn’t need (another planter with another plant that likely won’t survive my very un-green pair of thumbs).

in the end, i couldn’t get this image from moorea seal out of my head — styled so perfectly and so simply, with those super-sweet succulents providing the perfect juxtaposition to a funky geometric planter.

geometric mugavu planter via @mooreaseal.

so, when i spotted this hilarious euphorbia suzannae (you have no idea how much research went into discovering the name), i knew it was a go.

geometric mugavu planter via @mooreaseal.

are those eyes? boobs? pom-poms?

whatever’s going on there, i was in love and so happy to already have the perfect place for him (her?!) to call home.

[rose & fitzgerald planter, moorea seal, $60]

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