pine + boon.

pine + boon // moorea seal

pine + boon // moorea seali’m feeling some big love for accessories label pine + boon, which i discovered thanks to shop favorite moorea seal. now that i have the circle pouch (find it at, i’m jonesin’ for the others. it’s the perfect size for lipstick and calling cards, which previously had made their home in a dirty, bent-up pile at the bottom of my bag.

(the card on top — from ashkahn — is, uh, more of what i like to leave behind for special people in parking lots. the other was an about-to-die-from-a-cold-on-vacation-hence-the-lack-of-design-effort project to kill out the last few minutes of a letterpress class last summer in portland. still, i mixed the ink to my favorite color and managed to spell my name right, so maybe i wasn’t as near death as i thought i was at the time. the blank space allows me to showcase any of my given talents on any given day. ha.)


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