bryght cirrus in grass green.

bryght sven in grass green.

bryght alcott in oxford black.

bryght sven in tan — or oxford blue.sometimes, decisions are really easy. like when anything at all comes with the option for grass green velvet. then, naturally, you choose grass green velvet. (as is the case here with bryght’s sofas in sven or cirrus. other times, when you’re not given the grass green velvet option, it makes sense: because black is the only way to go, as is the case with their alcott sofa and solo oxford black option.

but, THEN… sometimes, given a handful of options, you’re initially drawn to what seems like the obvious and only choice: tan. and then you click around a little and think, “wait, is that blue? could i pull blue off? is blue everything i’ve waited for my whole life? wouldn’t blue be the perfect pop of color?” so, that’s the problem with bryght sven in leather: tan or blue?

anyway, all these options are for nothing if i can’t convince my husband it’s time for a new couch!


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