summer dreaming.

moorea seal. moorea seal.

enough with this cold weather, right? my days are filled with naps, comfort food and daydreaming about sunny skies and warm days — thanks in large part to my latest finds from moorea seal.

i’d had my eye on the le voyageur journal for a long time and, once the new year hit, it was time to make it mine and start planning 2016’s travels. while i dream of france — that’s nice up there — i need to choose a new adventure for a new year… a new city, a new continent, a new place.

i had been saving these sunnies for a sunny day late in the spring, but we’ve had a handful of warmer days lately and i couldn’t help but break them out. they remind me of sea glass, so they’re perfect for summer. i just hope i don’t lose them (/sit on them/step on them/melt them) before i have a chance to pack them for a summer getaway.

also on my packing list? that gorgeous clutch by molly virginia campbell. this one is a stunner, but all of her hand-dyed, vegetable-tanned leather goods are pretty much to die for.

where will the higher temps take you this summer? and what are you go-to summer vacation packing staples?

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