new year, new you.

moorea seal.

moorea seal.

moorea seal.the holidays are allllmost over. let’s all take a breather.

usually, i’ll put off new year’s resolutions until the second week of january — after my birthday, when my new year really begins. but this year, i was ready to get going before christmas had even started.

for 2016, it’s the same ol’, same ol’: get organized, get in shape, get it together, get going, get reading, etc.

i’ve got my planner picked out, some new year’s reading (AND a self-assigned book review for work — who’s a go-getter?!) and a serious plan to take better care of my body. finding and sticking to a strict facial regimen seems like the easiest place to start. (i’m loving this rose hibiscus spray for a light nighttime moisturizer and am excited to try more from the herbivore botanicals line.)

then, starting next week, yoga and gym to the max.

what about you? what does 2016 have in store for you?

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