i know, i know… i’ve already harped on the brilliance that is everlane. but, truth be told, i haven’t ventured beyond their basic cotton tee. every time i’m on the site, i add one of these ryan tees to my bag. then i remember they require dry cleaning, and out they go.

i’m a simple girl, and dry cleaning on a regular basis is not my thing. so, i’m asking you… have you tried any of these other styles from them? i’m not above hand-washing—could i get away with that?

any tips are appreciated!

if you’re not aboard the everlane train yet, hop on here.

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  1. I go beyond hand washing and just throw the shirt in the delicate cycle. It’s been just fine so far. My guess is that the seams will start to twist to the side, but so far so good!

  2. ohh, y’all are helpful! thanks! i guess you can’t really do much harm to a $25 tee, huh?

    i’ll have to get a bit more adventurous next time and add in a sweatshirt and some of the ryan collection.

  3. thanks for all the input, guys! hand-washing’s ok with me, so maybe i’ll try one or two.

    aida, i found their sizing to be pretty accurate, though maybe a little on the bigger size. i’ve kept with a large since i’m not a small girl and i have giganto boobs. i was worried they wouldn’t be curvy girl friendly, but i was surprised at how well it fits.

  4. I found sizes to be weird- I ordered a sage and a white v neck, both in medium, and they were completely different sizes! The white was huge (plus it got a hole in it immediately…color me unimpressed), so I returned for a small. The sage was fine.

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