a small small-business-saturday shopping guide: okc.

i guess it’s pretty official: the holidays are here. although i’m thankful for you readers and supporters every day, i’d like to tell you so now: i am thankful for you, readers and supporters, every day. even when i disappear for days (or weeks) at a time. and especially when i think about throwing in the towel. thank you for reminding me why i keep going and inspiring me to go further.

i’m working on something new (a kind of grown-up greedy girl) and i hope you’ll stick around long enough for me to debut that.

until then, happy thanksgiving to all my american friends. we are heading to santa fe for the holiday, and i can’t wait. 

for everyone, i’ll be starting up my gift guides next week. but for those of you in the oklahoma city area, below i’ve included a few of my favorite shops (and one thing that’s new and exciting). you could stick to this list (or even just one or two spots) and get all your shopping done in a day. i promise.


SABI, 3703 n western ave.: whenever i’m in a down-to-the-wire gift crisis, i know sabi will save me. the shop is full of curious little knick-knacks—old and new—that you never thought you needed, plus incredible soaps, books, scarves and antiques from around the world.  

URBANE, 4209 n western ave.: this one recently opened up just up the street from us. you could probably cross everyone off your list in single stop here: baxter of california and ursa major for the guys, tokyomilk and ecoya candles (i’m obsessed with this one) for the ladies, tokyobay watches for me, and barware or izola flasks for everyone else. plus, i hear urbane will be open thanksgiving night for those of you looking to escape familial obligations. (shopping sustenance: the wedge, 47th and western, for some of the best wood-fired pizza in the city.)

SHOP GOOD, 3 nw 9th st.: this place never disappoints. never. they’re the best hammerpress stockist in town, for one, and they carry a lot of the things we used to look for in other cities, like juniper ridge products and more warby parker specs than you could ever need. (shopping sustenance: s&b for sliders and beer galore, or iguana for tacos and pomegranate margaritas; s&b is across the street, and iguana is just two doors down. afterwards, pick up a cupcake and some ice-cold milk at sara sara, right next door.)

COLLECTED THREAD and DNA GALLERIES, 1705 nw 16th st.: these neighbors in the plaza district are all about local artists, designers and crafters. they’re two separate shops but they’re a lot like a brick & mortar etsy right in the heart of oklahoma city. (shopping sustenance: the mule, across the street, for beer, poutine and a big-ass grilled cheese—no, really. that is its name.)

POP-UP SHOPS AT MYRIAD BOTANICAL GARDENS, s robinson & reno avenues: opening friday are the pop-up shops at myriad gardens—that allison is brilliant! i can’t wait to stop in for some ice skating and shopping. see the full schedule here (it includes shops from sara kate studios and pencil shavings studio*, plus the aforementioned urbane). (shopping sustenance: flint, at sheridan & robinson. if you’re there early enough, try out the lemon ricotta pancakes. or, try out the cafe that also pops up friday at the gardens.)

*see rachel’s photos of lovely downtown okc getting in the holiday spirit here.

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