it’s that time again… 2013 calendar swap.

hey laaaadies. it’s that time again, if you can believe it. i hope you’ve enjoyed 288 days of a fantastic 2012 calendar, but it’s time to start thinking about a new year.

as in years past, we’ll get ready for 2013 with a fun little project. i started the calendar swap in 2008 and have teamed up with kelly of design crush the last four years. it’s been a big success. hundreds of calendars have criss-crossed the country and the world. it’s always exciting to see who signs up and where they’re from.

think you might be interested? here are the details…

by nov. 5 (that’s a monday), email and tell us the following:
… your name
… your email address
… the name of your blog (if you have one) AND the name of your favorite blog
… your street address
… whether you prefer an international or in country swapmate – or does it matter?
… are you interested in sending (and receiving) more than one calendar (from different swappers)? if so, how many?

we’ll pair you up and send your swapmate’s details on or around nov. 12.
you MUST have your calendar sent by dec. 5.

here are some things to keep in mind:

VALUE. keep your calendar between $20 and $30. and, since there are some perfectly lovely and super-affordable calendars out there, you might try throwing in a few small goodies if the calendar’s value doesn’t quite add up. also, handmade is great—just remember the suggested value.

SHIPPING. if you choose to have an international swapmate, don’t forget it will cost you a little bit more (a few dollars, maybe) to ship your calendar.

CONSIDERATION. check out your swapmate’s website or blog, or consider getting to know his or her tastes via e-mail, to get an idea of what he or she might like.

TIMELINESS. please, please, please send your calendar on time.

THE FINE PRINT. this is the part we hate to have to mention, but it has to be said. though it’s rare and has definitely gotten better over the years, it never fails that at least one super swapmate sent out the most amazing calendar and received nothing in return. and that pisses us off. if you’ve dropped the ball in the past, we know who you are and we’ll be watching for you. you’re on a list—a blacklist.

THE SOCIAL NETWORKS. follow our calendar swap 2013 board on pinterest to get some ideas. if you find something you like, pin it and tag it #calendarswap2013 so we can all see! also, if you’re tweeting, please mention it there as well with #calendarswap2013. help us get the word out to make this the best swap yet!

if you have any questions, please let me or kelly know. plus, check in here and there for some calendar ideas. for now, the lovely letterpress lunar calendar way up there is from urban outfitters.

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