back to basics: heather.

i’ve been trying in the last year or so to really pare down my closet. i want just the basics. easy, comfortable things that can be dressed up or down.

in a super-ideal world, i’d own five black t-shirts, a few pairs of jeans, a pair of black pants and nothing else. i’d look like this. exactly like that. i’d be eight inches taller and have the tiniest ankles.

more realistically, i could probably swing 10 t-shirts in a mix of long- and short-sleeve and in black, gray and white. plus a few pair of jeans and pants, a black knit pencil skirt, a thick sweater or two and a good, sturdy jacket. this is what i’m striving for. more like this. (and still eight inches taller with tiny ankles.)

in short, i’m trying to get in the habit of a uniform. all the time, i’m editing down my wardrobe. i’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple of years (and realized how much money i’ve wasted on things i didn’t really want), but still have so far to go.

what keeps me sane in all of this is allowing myself to have fun with printed scarves and bright, bold shoes. and, there are some patterns i just can’t let go of—dresses and skirts that would be irreplaceable—so i give myself a bit of wiggle room in the summer.

in my search for the perfect basics, i’ve been excited to discover everlane. i love that concept, and it’s a lot more affordable than a closet full of t by alexander wang (though OH MY GOD i’d die for that).

another affordable option is gap’s super-cozy pure collection. and, of course, another favorite (for a looong time) is alternative apparel—i’ve loved everything i’ve ever owned from there.

what about you? do you have any knits/tees/basics you can’t live without? i’d love any suggestions on things to check out.

heather is a line i came across tonight… perfect, simple knitwear. the looks above are a few of my favorites, and while the dresses might not fit in with my wardrobe plans (beautiful as they may be), that jacket certainly qualifies.

LOOK 1 // LOOK 2 // LOOK 3 // LOOK 4

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  1. While I could never go uniform style in my closet (I just love playing too much), I definitely am in a similar process of paring down and filtering. I think that high quality basics that make you feel good are invaluable. That said, while I love my few T by A Wang shirts, it is unrealistic to stock up only on those. So for more affordable perfect Ts, I go for these:

    Or, if you have access to Cos, they have amazing ones as well:

    I’ve never had any luck with Gap, too stiff for my taste, but maybe the pure collection deserves another look. And I’ve always been so curious about Everlane; I love the concept but I’m so hesitant to take the plunge without seeing and touching them first. Have you actually bought their stuff?

  2. I always love James Perse – I hoard it whenever it comes up on Gilt or Rue la la! Just ordered some Gap Pure – we’ll see how it goes.

    My new obsession is Loft curvy skinny jeans. They fit my pear shape perfectly and are super flattering and most importantly, soft and comfortable. I have them in 3 colors now!

  3. I own 3 Gap Pure long sleeves in grey, black, and white, 6 Everlane white v-neck tees, 3 Banana Republic dark wash skinny jeans, and a few black cardigans in various weights. My perfect uniform.

  4. love this – i am addicted to skinny cropped black pants. i rarely (if ever) wear anything else…even on “jeans day” at work. i wear skinny cropped jeans instead :) that and ballet flats.. i wore heels for the first time in years last weekend for a wedding and it was rough. trying to simplify the rest of my wardrobe. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. I love the idea of a very condensed wardrobe but I’m not us I could pull it off! Too schizophrenic. Particularly like that bottom right outfit, wonder if I could wear it for work?

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