i came across these sweet studs over the weekend… while they’re clearly adorable (they have tiny bejeweled eyes), those little legs and antennae are downright dangerous. i pierced my finger with one this morning when i was (very carefully) putting them in.

i’m trying to pare down my wardrobe and add to my accessories inventory. what are your favorite sources for jewelry, scarves, etc.? i’d love to broaden my horizons, so please share.

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  1. I tend to get my accessories all over the place, the best jewelry is always the unexpected find when you’re traveling I think, but I’ve also been known to pick up stuff at staple stores like Cos and Madewell. If you’re interested in higher quality stuff I hugely recommend Catbird, they have tons of beautiful delicate everyday pieces that I’m constantly drooling over.

  2. Here are a few of the stores where I’ve found pieces I love (… I’m sure you’ve shown some of them before…):

    YoungFrankk; Laura Lombardi; gilesandbrother; Amie Plante; alkemiejewelry; lasjewelry; marty magic jewelry; gustavreyes

  3. Aw they are georgous – wish they had more!

    TopShop do some really good one off pieces as do Zara. I’m lucky in that i have friends and family that can make jewellery so if i see something i like they can do a version for me.

    Also check out Charity/ Thrift stores. They can have really unique belts and scarves.

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