getaway girl (revisited): san antonio.

hi, friends. i got lost daydreaming of a million places this week, so i couldn’t pick just one.

i hadn’t really planned on subjecting y’all to another ‘go thunder!’ post, but since they head to one of my favorite weekend getaways on sunday, i thought why not?

BUT, i was lazy, so you just get this one, pulled from the getaway girl archives.

margaritas and tex-mex never go out of style, and, while this ensemble’s a little on the bright side (san antonio is a bright city!), i think it’s still a winning combo, too.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to attempt wearing a pair of cowboy boots though being an African American female I am a bit hesitant because they aren’t the most ~natural~ choice. You’ve definitely inspired me to take the plunge however haha xo

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