getaway girl: los angeles.

i’m not a sporty person. i don’t care one bit about football. and i only tolerate baseball because i like hot dogs and beer, and ice cream in little plastic hats, and ‘a league of their own.

but the oklahoma city thunder? i am a fan, y’all. a real sports fan. i read sports stories. and watch games. five-years-ago caroline would have scoffed at the idea. straight-up scoffed at it.

but here i am, pretend-getting away to los angeles for games 3 and 4 against the lakers. that’s a true fan, guys.

thunder up—yeah, we really do say that here in okc—and have a winning weekend, friends.

+ skirt, chinti and parker
+ t-shirt, edith miller
+ sunglasses, kate spade
+ tote, fieldguided (kate bush lyrics, nba basketball, whatever… i’m not sure why i don’t own it yet.)
+ earrings, bluma project
+ ring, the rogue and the wolf (a rumble ring! ha!)
+ sandals, madewell

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  1. This is great! I live in Little Rock, AR, so we follow the Memphis Grizzlies. NBA games are SO MUCH FUN. I’ll be rooting for your Thunder, since we’re out of the running… p.s. my husband is a HUGE Kevin Durant fan. He drafted him on his fantasy basketball team this season. 😉 Have you gotten into fantasy sports yet? I LOVE fantasy football, but fantasy basketball is too much work for me. xo.

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