in the mood for… smart (and stylish) political branding.

regardless of your political leanings, you really have to admire the smart branding behind barack obama’s re-election campaign.

back in february, greedy girl favorite scarlett johansson and magazine maven anna wintour teamed up to celebrate the launch of runway to win, a collection of pieces from 23 designers supporting the re-election of the president. the top-right tote is from derek lam ($75) and i’m really, really obsessed with it. the bottom-left t-shirt is from marc jacobs ($45). (you can view the rest of the collection here.)

…but, maybe fashion’s not your thing (i won’t ask what you’re doing hanging out on greedy girl). maybe you’re a pet lover with a penchant for politics—or just portuguese water dogs? i like that the obama campaign wants you to feel like you (and your furry friends, too) are making a difference. smart move on obama’s people’s part, if you ask me. plus, really… this sweater? genius.

you can find the other t-shirt here, and the ‘our health, our vote’ (women for obama) tote here. (also, i didn’t know how well this mug would fit in here, but i think it’s genius, as well.)

p.s. did you know the POTUS is on pinterest?

the tiny type: as a journalist, i feel like i should reiterate that this—or any other content on greedy girl, for the record—should not be seen as an endorsement of any candidate or his politics and, instead, should be considered commentary on design. ok!

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  1. I LOVE this stuff. I think I need that gray tote, I’m not usually so into politics but this personhood business is really getting me fired up.

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