getaway girl: salt lake city.

chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you’re lamenting the fact that you’re the only person in the entire world who’s not at alt summit in salt lake city. you’re not, trust me. i’m not there, either. that makes two of us.

i was really excited to have been given the opportunity to speak on fashion blogging with some really talented bloggers: jessica of what i wore, summer of eliza magazine and gala of gala darling. and, i was really humbled to have been asked by design mom herself, gabrielle, to be a part.

i attended the first year, 2010, and drew so much inspiration from the speakers, the events, everything. you can read my roundup from the experience here. i can only imagine how much it has grown since then… it truly is becoming a blogging institution.

anyway, as fate would have it, some things that i couldn’t avoid (why does the need for money always have to conquer fun?) ended up dashing my alt summit 2012 hopes and dreams. BUT, thanks to the nature of the gig, we can all experience a little of it via twitter… though, i’ll tell you, we’re totally missing out.

i was looking forward to turning some OTW (on the web, fyi) friends into IRL friends and meeting some new friends all together (my favorite part of 2010 was discovering new, fantastic blogs i hadn’t yet been introduced to). i had talked to a lot of you about getting together, and it breaks my heart that i missed out on meeting you.

here’s hoping i’ll see you in 2013. the events and panels seem to be getting exponentially more spectacular, so i promise you, it’ll be worth it for the both of us.

last night was the highly anticipated, french-inspired dinner en blanc—and, to be honest, missing out on this might’ve made up 65 percent of my disappointment. i did, however, attend in my pretend world. i had a ton of pretend cocktails and made a lot of amazing pretend friends. this is what i pretend wore:

+ sequined collar by fiona paxton
+ dress by gucci (ha! i wish)
+ clutch from kiki london
+ heels from loeffler randall

p.s. over the holidays, i got a chance to see ‘book of mormon’ in new york. ONE: it was brilliant—regardless of your beliefs. TWO: i’ll never be able to say salt lake city the same way again. it will forever be salt-a-lake-a-see-tay. but, no matter how you say it, it’s gorgeous, and i’ll be there next year for alt summit 2013. promise to meet me there?

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