need supply.

what a pretty little thing this shearling jacket is. so, why am i not shipping it to myself right his second? oh yeah, that little thing called christmas.

i really need to get on getting my gifts in order. how are you doing with that? you finished like a month ago, didn’t you? one day i will do that.

what’s the best gift you’ve gotten for someone so far? i need ideas, so please share all you want.

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  1. I’ve had my eye on this for some time now! I have a thing for shearling.

    I *think* I know what I’m getting everyone; you should see my shopping cart, ha. My favorite gifts so far… for my stepmom (a Beatles super-fan) Linda McCartney’s Life in Photographs… and for my husband I’m getting him a photo of us from our honeymoon blown up to GIANT poster-size to hang above our bed. (It’s by artist Debbie Carlos:

    Good luck with your Xmas list! xo.

  2. I’m getting my boyfriend a juicer! I’ve yet to purchase it, but aim to shortly. I, too, am horrible horrible horrible at purchasing gifts in advance. it’s a curse, I think. that jacket is fab, btw. perhaps it will be on sale post-christmas and you’ll be happy you waited : )

    x fallon

  3. this is CUTE. so far, my favorite gifts purchased are some records for my boyfriend’s collection–coordinating with a gift from his mother which is to have his beloved vintage record player fixed!

  4. I didn’t finish buying my gifts until noon on Christmas (and that was a case of beer for my brother).
    I love this jacket but I really want those red jeans!

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