zadig & voltaire.

i swear to you, i have the world’s pointiest elbows. it’s a problem. sweaters don’t last long, and long-sleeve t-shirts don’t stand a chance. it’s always the right elbow that goes first. plus, it never fails that i notice my naked, hobo ‘bow right after i’ve addressed the big important people in work meetings.

i used to stash my half-ruined sweaters with the hopes of patching them, but the idea of brown-leather-patches-a-la-my-dad’s-sport-coats-circa-1984 didn’t really excite me. so, my sad sweaters started going straight to the trash.

until today.

thanks to design crush, i’m crushing hard on these metallic patches. not so much on the $300 cashmere sweaters (cashmere is completely out of the question with these bones of death), but on the plan to stock up on some metallic leather and DIY my heart out with future ill-fated tops.

who’s with me?

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  1. Great idea! I have to admit, I sort of laughed at the idea of pointy elbows poking their way through every sweater, but I can see how it would be a major issue. I think this is the perfect solution. I always love zadig & voltaire, and am always appalled at their prices. But I think that cashmere in general shouldn’t be off limits for your pointy elbows, especially if there’s patches on them, be nice to your elbows and give them something soft!

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