in the mood for… fall.

i keep trying to remind myself that fall is just around the corner. right around this triple-digit-hot, muggy corner called august.

what’s on your wish list for fall? here’s a look at some of what i’ve got my eye on. first and foremost, i need those shoes to live in.

+ ballet flats from sam edelman
+ bag from marc jacobs
+ sweater from old navy
+ clutch from madewell
+ skirt from h&m
+ belt from co-op barneys
+ waistcoat from mango
+ gloves from topshop
+ bracelet from kara ryan

6 comments on “in the mood for… fall.
  1. I am definitely in the mood for fall as well! I woke up this morning and was so happy that it was only 23 (73) out. I layered long sleeves, pants, a hat, and some oxfords and then remembered just because it’s not 37 (98) doesn’t mean it’s cool enough for layers.

    I love this set, especially the skirt and those gloves!

  2. love this though I’m totally torn. we had a late late late summer so I don’t want to think about fall yet but the fall line is always my fave. as a san francisco native, layering is in my blood so fall is practically second nature in my closet

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