thanks to liz durham and pennyweight, i’m obsessed with this shop.

and everything (as far as i can tell) is under $110? amazing. now, the hard part is deciding what to get first. i’m thinking the cape is a must. but in what color? the blue is pretty, but i’m not sure you can go wrong with red. i’d love to see them offer a mustard option, too. decisions, decisions.

this parka-esque cape/coat is also pretty great. i need that one, too.

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  1. Wow! Great prices on great styles. I can’t believe you shared this! Usually I keep these sort of finds to myself, hehe. Thanks so much for sharing! xo.

  2. I’m glad you like the store, Caroline! I first saw the coat on Elise’s Pennyweight blog. Galit Shachaf of Slow Noodle posted about the hood coat I’m now obsessed with!

  3. So WATT if there are AK’S- FLORIDA because CROWE has been MARKED with MACK.
    A lot of good any of this will do when you have to face ten times the HEAT!
    And the whole point is it’s the QUEEN and GOVERNMENT they are AFTER!
    Did no-one bother to tell you or is that what they all “do”, is merely ” DELETE”?

  4. at those sort of prices i don’t think this is handmade and probably doesn’t belong on etsy. i’m pretty sure it is made in china in a factory. a commenter who bought from them says that her order was sent to her from china.

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