getaway girl: road trip to marfa, texas.

all i have on my mind lately is getting out of here. and renting a fun car and taking a road trip to marfa sounds like the way to do it. (oh, and staying here, too.) who’s been to this mysterious little town? any recommendations? i’m dying to go.

+ skirt from steven alan
+ top from madewell
+ shoes from bird
+ sunglasses from topshop
+ necklace from dannijo
+ hat from rag & bone
+ earrings from low luv by erin wasson

happy weekend, y’all.

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  1. I second eating at Cochineal…especially for brunch. Also, if you are there during the week Food Shark is the place for lunch. I love El Cosmico, but in the middle of the summer, I would probably go for Thunderbird instead. Have a great time! If you feel like learning more about how Marfa became what it is, make a reservation for a tour of the Chinati Foundation.

  2. Marfa is magical! Eat at the Little Rooster – it is so delicious and reminds me a lot of my local San Franciscan restaurants. And if you get too hot it’s not hard to sneak into the pool at Hotel Paisano. 😉

  3. I interned at Ballroom Marfa/lived in the town for four months and it was amazing! I’m jealous that you’re going! Ballroom is the best gallery in town next to Donal Judd’s stuff. Do the Chinati/Judd tour definitely! I second eating at Cochineal for brunch and Food Shark during the week. Adam Bork (food shark) also does a grilled cheese parlour (only grilled cheese sandwhiches – only the best you’ve ever had!) after 9pm which is so, so, SO tasty. Get drinks at Mayas or Paisano after dark, get burgers/hotdogs/drinks at Padres, and get beers at Planet Marfa – theres a crazy TEEPEE in it!!!! With a fire pit!
    LASTLY – I swear, don’t NOT GO to the Chinati hot-springs. The drive is absolutely gorgeous, and nothing beats a hot springs in the middle of the desert.

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