asos salon.

have you seen ‘midnight in paris’ yet? it was so good, and everyone was perfect in it. it made me ache for 1920s paris. this dress reminds me of something zelda or marion cotillard’s character would’ve worn.

have you seen it yet? what did you think? i loved it.

p.s. happy bastille day.

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  1. Midnight in Paris was so so good! And I was definitely looking up the references I didn’t learn from Art 101 on wikipedia afterward. Life seemed so glamorous in the 1920s, right up to the beaded flapper dresses. I love this dress, by the way!

  2. hi, julie! thanks for leaving a comment… i’m so dumb and had no idea the post never linked to the dress. that kind of breaks my heart.

    but anyway, it’s a dress from last year from asos salon, kind of the in-house design line for the uk e-retailer asos.

    i did, however, find a link to it here. BUT it’s sold out. it’s called the ‘asos salon beaded flapper dress.’ you might have some luck searching around the web to see if someone’s selling it.

    either way, very sorry and hope you find something good! now, though, i’m kind of thinking i need to do a flapper dress roundup to compensate for my incompetence.

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