the lake & stars.

hello! i am still alive. you’ll be glad to know that i am done moving. it was just up the street, but i’ll tell you what… it was awful. really, really awful.

after going through SO MUCH stuff, i’m certain that this greedy girl has to tone it down and keep it simple.

and the weight! don’t even get me started about how awful it was to walk up and down my stairs, carrying boxes and furniture, with an extra 60 pounds on me. again: really, really awful.

so, i kind of can’t wait to streamline my belongings — and my body, too. who knew a move could be such a wake-up call?

until i get back into the swing of things, i thought i’d leave you with something pretty and simple. i’ll be back friday for getaway girl and hopefully a little more. fingers crossed!

p.s. i kind of love you all for sticking with me these past couple weeks. really.

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