welcome, sponsor: jean jean vintage.

i’ve been holding out on y’all for a couple weeks now, waiting to introduce one of greedy girl’s newest sponsors. it’s mainly because i’ve been going back and forth over whether i need that really, really amazing sterling cuff, and i didn’t want to introduce any competition while it was under consideration. but, alas, i’ll share my greedy little secret:

jean jean vintage.

i’m kind of lazy when it comes to vintage anything. i’m not the digging type. i like to have a special selection curated for me. something nice and clean and organized.

so, that’s where jean jean vintage comes in. the shop’s collection ranges from the intricate to the obscure to the strange — in a good way, of course.

in addition to having an uncanny talent for spotting the diamonds in the rough, shop owner duff enjoys “cleaning things with tiny brushes.” so see? she wants to do the dirty work for you.

also? her mission is pretty admirable:

“i’m trying to rescue pretty necklaces, rings, earrings and other baubles from the dusty antique malls and attics of the midwest and get them to new, happy homes where they can live for another 20, 40, 80 years.”

thank you, jean jean!

(also be sure to check out old-favorites-but-new-sponsors dear golden vintage and dressing on the side!)

2 comments on “welcome, sponsor: jean jean vintage.
  1. Wow… I usually don’t mind combing through a million polyester pantsuits to find what I’m looking for, but it does get really really exhausting.
    Out of curiosity… is that sterling cuff now out of the shop?


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