getaway girl: reader’s choice.

it’s been one of those weeks, if you couldn’t tell. i’ve had a nonstop headache that still won’t quit, and work’s been insano. i suppose i can mostly thank the thunder for the busy-at-work part — i won’t complain about that. either way, the mix of everything and nothing at all has left my brain fried for the week. clearly, to the point of not making sense.

so, i’ll leave this week’s getaway up to you guys. where do you want to go? where do you see this outfit? any requests for future getaway girls? just drop me a line!

+ bag by missmo
+ dress from uniqlo
+ shoes by rachel comey
+ necklace from DAY birger et mikkelsen
+ sunglasses from asos

i hope everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend… i’m looking forward to recharging without feeling the guilt of not blogging, which has happened every day this week. then, come monday, i’ll have my a-game back.

16 comments on “getaway girl: reader’s choice.
  1. somewhere regional, windy and near the coast, so that the collar flips up in the breeze every now and then. maybe some sort of wine-tasting should be involved…

  2. sorry misspelled and thats embarrassing…I loves those shoes and I think they would be great on a grand safari…or just a simple brunch with the girls

  3. This seems like a good ensemble for just about anywhere. Maybe this is airport girl, looking classy on her way en route. Plus all the pieces would look great with something else, which is how I travel.

  4. Gorgeous outfit, simple and chic. I don’t know how it is possible that I just discovered your blog today, but I did and I LOVE it. That is all 😉
    xo Lynzy

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