twigs & honey.

i’m charmed by veils today. can you guess why?

how many of you braved the early morning to watch will & kate tie the knot? yeah, i’m guilty, too. what were your thoughts? it made me want to be a princess, i’ll tell you that much.

but, onto a more realistic pipe dream (if there is such a thing)… i’ve spent today trying to figure out how i can quit my job and become a milliner. any tips?

p.s. getaway girl missed her flight this morning and is running a little behind schedule. she hopes she’ll catch up with you later today.

16 comments on “twigs & honey.
  1. i loved seeing her dress briefly this morning before work… but i loved more looking up old videos of diana’s wedding on youtube. i guess it’s the young-childhood nostalgia, but diana’s my girl.

  2. i really like the idea of veils…but i didn’t wear one when i got married two weeks ago because they tend to get in the way. my favourite style is this birdcage type…but to me it’s like wearing sunglasses, you don’t feel Fully present when you are wearing them!
    (i’m watching the royal wedding now – we taped it!)

  3. I’m super late on this post but still wanted to gush over that middle veil. I adore that 20s-ish style with the head covered. If I ever get hitched, that’s the way to go for me.

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