i’m back! i had a few technical difficulties and a little craziness at work, but i’ve got a whole week of vacation (staycation, that is) ahead of me to get things back in order. i’m predicting a week of fun hats and maybe a special island-bound getaway girl coming friday. hmm… but what island will it be? guess you’ll need to stay tuned.

i was excited a few weeks ago when kristen of minoux got in touch with me about participating in a blogger style circle. i’d fallen head over heels for her spring line with its colors and shapes, so i jumped at the chance to know more.

and, not only was i flattered that kristen chose this little ol’ greedy girl to be a part, i was humbled by the blog company she included me in. i mean, these bloggers have serious style. a couple were new to me, and a couple more were old favorites.

we all agreed on one necklace — the harmonic mean necklace — or a variation of it, and the inspiration began. i loved the turquoise cord (others chose to go the chain route) so my ideas automatically turned to fun pops of color throughout the outfit:

+ sandals by belle by sigerson morrison
+ dress by parker
+ ‘wish you were here’ bracelet by kate spade
+ bag by michael stars
+ necklace by minoux

what do you think?

thanks so much to kristen for feeding my greed with gorgeous things (and, especially, for my new gorgeous necklace) and the other girls for taking part and offering their unique takes. check out what you missed on monday, and don’t forget to check out the others during the rest of the week.

monday—my style pill and honey kennedy (new favorites)
tuesday—that’s me (always a favorite)
wednesday—coco+kelley (old favorite)
thursday—where the lovely things are (new favorite)
friday—apartment 34 and squid (old favorites)

on friday, we’ll be doing a tweet-up so follow me here to stay in the loop.

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  1. Caroline, I absolutely love it!
    I’m ever so glad you joined the style circle, and especially touched by your kind words about my work. You made my day!

    (sorry about the earlier messed-up comment, I figured it out!)

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