flora and henri.

this shop is amazing.

not only does it glance into the future into my future* kid’s wardrobe (who’s surprised she’ll sport green shoes, wear fantastic rompers and have exquisite swimsuit taste? or that his style icons will be gene kelly and richie tenenbaum? i’m not.) …

… it also knows exactly what they’ll look like: him (if it’s a him) and her (if it’s a her).

amazing, right?

flora and henri, won’t you sponsor my future kid? or my future home? or maybe just me, for now? just let me know.

*very, very distant future. promise this isn’t any announcement of sorts.

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  1. i looked at the pictures first and sat there staring at them questioning if some of those pieces weren’t meant for woman… or children!

    thanks for answering that for me.

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