maison scotch.

some stars and stripes for you on this looovely wednesday.

i need to find a sweater in need of star elbow patches. star elbow patches. smart, yeah. that’s only half of the best part of that sweater up there — there are buttons down the back, too.

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  1. So glad that you found me, so I in turn could find you.
    As for the comment on Neds, it no longer is standing, but the building with the Uptown sign is. It is on Hudson street south of Plaza Court and St. Anthonys. If you are in the area I strongly suggest stopping for a drink at Ludivine (Hudson and 7th).

  2. Did I just read that you’re based out of OKC? As in Oklahoma City? My goodness! I’m from Owasso. It’s always so lovely to find out that there are bloggers in the south, and good ones at that. That makes my heart smile.

    Elbow patches are just good. Always. And stripes? Thank you, come again.

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