getaway girl: san diego, calif.

here’s a quick getaway girl for you guys.

i’ll admit it… i know very, very little about san diego. but i’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the weather there is pretty nice right now. at least nicer than the other 2/3 of the country. who’s tired of this snow?

i’ll be back for real next week. this week was a rough one. i’ve had to be at work every day, which was quite a feat considering okc’s not equipped for this kind of snow. i finally got my car out of the driveway last night… just in time for more snow today. here’s hoping i make it out of work tonight.

check out the design*sponge design guide for san diego… it’s enough to make me want to visit.

stay warm, friends.

+ shoes by argila
+ top from delias
+ skirt from annie greenabelle for topshop
+ necklace from madewell
+ bag from bonjour mon coussin
+ marc by marc jacobs earrings

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  1. You had to work every day?? That sounds so rough. Stay warm down there in Snowklahoma. It’s nearly impossible just to walk here in Chicago after the 21 inches we got. Sheesh. I wish I was going to San Diego! Great outfit!

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