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  1. man, since when did sorel move up in the world to make the boots so rad? i remember wearing these as a kid, and thinking they were NOT awesome. haha. good to see they are moving on up!
    i vote for the top ones.

  2. i’ve been wearing the same pair of sorels since i was in middle school… they are nearly 20 years old and still lookin good. however, that top pair is a beauty!

  3. I love the pattern on the bottom ones, but I must agree that the top pair with all its furriness feels the most perfect for snow days. I’ve always wanted a pair as well – keep me posted on how they work out!

  4. I bought a pair of Sorel boots (tivoli high) a few weeks ago. I have them on now and am obsessed with them. I wear them every chance I get (thank God I’m not terribly fashionable). so warm and comfy and cute. I will never waste my money on another brand of boots. Love the first pair you posted.

  5. ahh! we’re so on the same wavelength. i really want a pair of duck boots, but i can’t decide between sorel or l.l. bean. i love boots #1 and #3 above, but the cute fur-lined interior would probably be the deciding factor.

  6. Love Sorels! And so does my buddy Ed!!

    They aren’t quite as good in the snow as the tough tread would have you believe, but they’re warm and waterproof!!

  7. ok, i’m in love with these design wise. and it breaks my heart to rain on the sorel parade but i bought the top ones and they’re so uncomfortable they’re unwearable. the heels are super rigid so you get gaping blisters whenever you wear them. i had read tons of reviews to that effect but ignored them. unfortunately the reviews were right. sad face. be sure to buy from somewhere that has a liberal return policy just in case. fingers crossed they work out for you though!

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