ms. pomeranzev.

what kills me more than how adorable these frocks from moscow/london-based designer dasha pomeranzev are is that i didn’t even know about ms. pomeranzev’s shop until today.

she has adapted her own designs from 1950s styles and paired them with liberty prints, italian cottons and scottish tweeds. and the best part? oh, probably the CUSTOM-MADE bit:

We have adapted 50s models to reflect how women’s figures have changed in the following decades. Not all vintage dresses suit today’s women- they can be too full in the chest and too thin at the waist. Our dresses fit perfectly: the full dress slims the figure exactly where it needs to, the length makes your legs look longer.

yes, please, sign me up. special birthday dress for me? sounds perfect, i think.

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  1. their description about vintage dresses being too full in the chest and too tight on the waist is spot on! i love vintage dresses, but it’s a common problem for me. these frocks are perfectly pretty.

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