getaway girl: san antonio, texas.

this is one of those getaway girl posts that i hope doesn’t offend. i can just see you san antonio girls yelling at the computer right now: what? this girl thinks we dress like this? all belt buckles and cowboy boots? she probably thinks we all listen to tejano music and do the mexican polka, too.

but, no, i don’t think that. do i think you should? yes, maybe. because i’m insanely jealous of that crazy-rich mexican-american culture in san antonio. it’s colorful and loud and really, really tasty.

there was a point in college when i made regular weekend trips to san antonio, and i loved everything about it. i lived in austin and the dallas area for much of my life growing up, but san antonio is completely different.

i constantly crave it. the food, the music, the color.

hope y’all have a nice weekend.

+ boots from santa fe’s back at the ranch
+ mexican market bag (these have long been an obsession… psst, click that link for design hilarity)
+ paper flowers (wear one in your hair!)
+ belt from calypso st. barth
+ earrings from kyler by joy o
+ marc by marc jacobs dress
+ patsy cline for the road (there’s really no huge texas connection here, but it seemed to work with everything else.)

17 comments on “getaway girl: san antonio, texas.
  1. I’m a new San Antonio resident, maybe I should pick up a bright number like this to take on the cultural flavor of the town. I haven’t seen anything like this yet, but that means I just haven’t been to the right places!

  2. As a San Antonio girl, I totally did yell at the screen, “what?! we don’t dress like that!” But then I looked at your explanation and laughed that you had already anticipated my reaction. I love San Antonio and its culture, and especially its food. I probably wouldn’t wear any of this, except possibly the dress, but that’s okay. I would wear just about anything else you’ve ever posted–funny that your post about my hometown has a look that’s furthest away from my personal style! Strangely enough, my wardrobe looks much more like your Portland and SLC posts.

  3. little mama, you’ve got us texans down! & of course san antonio girls don’t all dress like this every day, but cowboy(girl?) boots & a mexican dress are a summer staple in the alamo city (& texas at large!).

    don’t worry about offending everyone with these things; it’s so neat & interesting to see what ideas people have about how to dress in different parts of the country (i always assume this is what you’d pack if you were going to visit these cities)

    & love the frida & patsy cline!

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