getaway girl: salt lake city.

there are two big reasons i wish i was jumping on a plane to salt lake city this weekend:

alt summit in downtown salt lake and the sundance film festival in nearby park city.

they both start next week, and i’m kicking myself for not being able to be there. if you aren’t making it to alt this year, let’s all promise to meet there next time, ok? i had the best time last year and promise you will, too.

here’s an slc-inspired get-up for you… that ring! and (again) those boots!

+ sweater from topshop
+ the hotly debated sorel joan of arctic
+ geese-print bag by virginia johnson
+ black jeans from j brand
+ belt from toast
+ signet ring from conroy & wilcox
+ tank from victoria’s secret

enjoy the weekend, friends.

26 comments on “getaway girl: salt lake city.
  1. shit. i’ve done a very bad thing. couldn’t just leave that sweater chilling in a topshop warehouse. it’s on it’s way to it’s new home in sf as we speak.

    (if i could be full blown naughty, conroy & wilcox would also be less one awesome signet.)

  2. As a native Salt Laker I would like you to know that this outfit is fantastic and totally something I would wear! With snow predicted for the next 3 of 4 days, the boots are particularly fitting. 😉


  3. Let me know if you ever make it here. I’m here year-round, and it would be so great to meet a fellow blogger. I wish I could make it to Alt Summit, but I really can’t afford the day off. As for the film festival, I can’t wait.
    Great outfit inspiration!

  4. I want it all! Well, I already have black J Brand skinnies but I want the rest, especially the boots and the bag. I’ve been curious about Salt Lake City lately, seems like lots of bloggers live there!

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