getaway girl: portland, ore.

i had a conversation last night with a friend of a friend about portland, and it piqued my interest. she described it as having great food and wine, which you know i’m all about. being a transplant from san francisco, though, she was less than thrilled about the shopping there — except for all the vintage, which she loves.

so i’m curious to hear what others have to say about the great pdx. i’d love to visit soon (like, i said: food! wine! and the ace hotel, of course) but would love to hear what you guys have to say, too.

and, if haven’t heard all the business about ‘portlandia’ yet, you probably should. it looks kind of great. who knows if it might be available on itunes?

and now, here’s the getaway girl look for the week. it has occurred to me that maybe i might offend someone with this series? so far, i haven’t. but it’s only my interpretation of how i see the city, whether i’ve been there or not. i tried not to get too grungy with this one.

+ boots from madewell
+ skinnies from topshop
+ top from alice + olivia (and for cheap!)
+ wolf belt buckle from alkemie (but i’d like the belt, too)
+ proenza schouler bag (who’s tired of hearing about this from me?)
+ glasses by illesteva
+ ‘either / or’ from the late (and oh so great) portlander elliott smith

happy weekened, friends.

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  1. I have now moved into the Ace Hotel in Portland on two separate occasions and I’d go back in a second. Great room, great staff and flanked by an fantastic restaurant(Clyde Common- best happy hour deal on record) and my favorite coffee (Stumptown). They also have free bikes on loan for guests. Start getting in the mood with some Blitzen Trapper (one of the band members is actually in the Hide & Seek scene in Portlandia). Pok Pok really is as good as everyone says it is. Bunk Sandwiches, Nong’s food truck, Paley’s…I love that place.

  2. as the friend of the friend who is now friends with you, I approve of this ensemble and think you would fit right in. it’s a fantastic town and we’ve never looked back. come and visit and we shall explore together. xoxo.

  3. There are some great stores within walking distance of the Ace Hotel– Frances May, Alder & Co, and Canoe are worth stopping for! Other shopping stops include Stand Up Comedy on Burnside and Una (on SE Ankeny)…

  4. When I went to visit Portland last, last summer, I loved it. How I felt when I was there was like therapy. The vibe, the trees, the air, everything. And all the food I ate was yummy.

  5. So here’s the deal with Portland shopping. There are really great stores and are all bundled in groups of 2 – 5 with the random oddballs in totally out of the way places. Thrifting here is definitely AMAZING! So many places to go.

    But when you come to Portland don’t plan on just staying downtown around the vicinity of the Ace Hotel. There are a few great shopping spots around there. Portland is laid out in a grid – divided East and West by the Willamette river which runs right through the middle of town. Don’t be afraid to cab it or ride a bike over to the east side of Portland (across the river from the Ace which is in SW) where you’ll find edgier neighborhoods with a lot to offer. Some of THE BEST restaurants and shops in town are east of the river.

    ALSO – come in the summer! July through September is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

  6. Portland is wonderful! I live in a cute area on the east side of town with lots of cute shops (Moxie, Butterscotch, Sofada) and TONS of yummy restaurants (Screen Door, Tapalaya, Laurelhurst Market, Spints).

    The premiere of Portlandia was on Hulu last week – it may still be!

  7. Caroline, as a daily reader of greedy girl I definitely think you should come visit us in Portland, and your outfit is pitch perfect. Come in the summer (although the lead singer from Arcade Fire said “coming to Portland in the summer is dangerous, it makes people want to move here!” he he).

    I always bring visitors to The Doug Fir – that bar is just so portland to me. And they have great live music.

  8. Gosh reading all the great stuff people have to say about Portland makes me so happy I live here. I don’t know much about vintage shopping but def check out the Lizard Lounge (Men’s and Women’s clothing) in the Pearl District and Toro Bravo (amazing restaurant on NE Russell).

  9. My husband and I came to Portland on vacation three years ago (during a rainy May!), fell in love with everything and made the move a short three months later. It’s a lovely city that provides everything- museums, theater, nature… and yes, wine, which includes the stunning wine country just 45 minutes away, the mountains, hiking opportunities, food, awesome vintage!, and not to be forgotten, the old houses. Sometimes, I miss Los Angeles, but PDX stole my heart. Please come and enjoy all that it has to offer!

  10. Cute! I’ll be going to university there next year, and I can’t wait! From what I saw, it was at once intellectual and gritty – grittier than Boston, at least

  11. From a girl who is so sick of black work pants… blah! I want to live in a look like this! love, love! I’ve been eyeing those boots from Madewell for awhile! Looking for a plaid shirt to wear on casual days so thanks for the link.

    Never been to Portland but I’ve heard great things about it!

  12. Portland is fantastic! I highly recommend…and even if the shopping isn’t incredibly amazing it is pretty good–and TAX FREE! We try to go every year. Good food, beautiful city, you should def. go!

  13. So happy to have stumbled upon your beautiful blog. I am also looking to move to Portland. Lots of bikers, good food… and now to add good wine to the list too? Count me in.

  14. Grew up in Eugene, lived two years in PDX at the start of college, and live in Seattle now. Honestly, I love both; I think I like the convenience of Seattle: bigger city, a few more things to offer (by way of museums, gardens, etc) and things are open later. I have a deep and abiding love for PDX, which I think is a bit earthier, a bit greener than Seattle.

    Haven’t seen Portlandia, but I caught that little music video that was circulating from/about it? (As I said, I’ve not seen it.) I about died laughing. I think everyone I meet should have to watch it as part of getting to know me – it explains so much!

  15. (although, by way of PS I must say that the two years spent in SoCal getting my master’s have absolutely ruined me on NW wines. After two years of mind-blowing Paso Robles reds, everything else just tastes like water.)

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