cynthia rowley.

i’m back! i really apologize for the extra-long absence. i took advantage of the holidays and eeked just a couple extra days out of my blogging break… and i loved it. despite all that, i suppose i am pretty glad to be back.

now that the holidays are behind us, i’ve got spring on my mind. specifically these flowy looks from cynthia rowley. love the contrast of the soft chiffon with the blocked color and asymmetrical cuts in the dresses. (also shown: gorgeous blouse with a really great necklace and dress-up bandaids.)

i hope everyone had a great holiday and got to take a break for the computer, as well. it’s definitely something i plan to do more of in 2011. speaking of, my resolutions also include: dressing like a grown-up. this essentially means being more polished and actually putting thought into my appearance.

i could go on and on about resolutions 1 through 94, but i’m more curious to hear yours. what’s in store for you in this new year?

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  1. I too, would like to dress my age this year. I spent a good chunk of last night fantasy shopping for proper sleep wear (sets, chemises, etc) since I caught a glimpse of myself in the “vegetarian” bugs bunny tshirt I’ve been wearing to bed and completely disgusted myself.

  2. Welcome back! Thanks for posting these, admittedly I was getting tired of seeing all of the Roxy/Cynthia Rowley stuff that my idea of her got a bit watered down. Until now:) That off-white top is so pretty! Love it. Happy new year to you!

  3. That is one giant fish necklace! My resolutions for 2011 also include dressing like a grown-up. Oddly enough, I love shopping but don’t put much thought into my outfits. I’d like to look a little more polished. Last year, I became a vegetarian so this year I want to focus on eating local, in season food as mush as possible. And more than anything, I want to find a job that I love in a bigger city. It’s time! Best of luck with all 95 of your resolutions, and happy new year!

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