catbird. (+ a question)

i’m pretty much in love with this little ice climber. and not just because he reminds me of yukon cornelius from the rudolph movie.

now, in the spirit of the holidays, why don’t you tell me: 1) what gift are you most excited to give this year? and 2) what gift are you most excited and hoping to receive this year?

after you tell me all about that, head over to size too small, where i talk a little about my own christmas traditions, gifts and more for mariah’s ’12 days of christmas’ series. her blog is one of my new favorites, one i discovered way later than i should have. thank you, mariah, for having me!

p.s. i also want to thank MRS. snippet & ink, kathryn, who also featured me in a guest post. i got to fantasize a little and imagine up a little wedding in my head. kathryn, who’s been away becoming a missus, is the most adorable girl ever. i met her last year in salt lake city at alt. not only does she keep up a wonderful wedding blog, she has perfect skin and great eyebrows. i envy her. congratulations, kathryn!

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  1. I am definitely most excited about giving my parents and my in-laws their own wedding albums. They helped us out so much in the process (both financially and otherwise) that I’m so happy to splurge a little on them. For myself…I’m always so excited to see what things I receive that I didn’t ask for…they’re usually much more extravagant things that I wouldn’t have thought of!

  2. So cute!
    1) I’m giving one of my best friends “Complications,” a book by Atul Gawande that I think he’ll love (also the TB poster I’m giving my mother)
    2) I would really really like a chance to see my family in NZ. Preferably with a trip to the farm. Like that would happen…. But my family is generally really good at giving gifts…

  3. I love that you referenced the Rudolph claymation movie. Talk about holiday CLASSIC.

    I’m actually not all that fussed about Christmas gifts, to be honest (my birthday is a completely different story, however). I’m just happy that I’ll be able to relax and eat and spend time with the people I love.

  4. 1. I am very very excited to give my boyfriend’s Mom a small yellow lab cake topper figurine; she lost her two beloved yellow labs last year and loves to add cake toppers to her delicious cake. I know she will like it!

    2. Fingers crossed, I am also hoping to get engaged in the next couple weeks. Looking forward to marrying the awesome guy I am lucky enough to call my boyfriend—that would be the best christmas present I could imagine!

    What a great posts (like all your posts!). Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

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