greedy girl gift guide.

clockwise from top left:

1. tent* from wagwear
2. t-shirt from sckoon
3. turkey dinner** from target
4. cookies from land of paws
5. dog ‘stache by humunga
6. ceramic bowl from bauer pottery company
7. collar from mascot
8. sock monkey from fun time dog shop

*technically, we’ve tried the “tent” thing and our pugs were not impressed. i like to think that if we spent $200 on one, they might change their minds.

**the only gifts i’ve gotten this year are these dinners-on-a-plate we found at target. apparently they’ve made the blog rounds lately and sound like they might be hard to come by, so i’m glad we picked them up when we did. luke will get the turkey dinner (with roll, corn on the cob, greens of some sort and a baked potato), while margo will get the lobster dinner (same sides, plus a lemon). i’m doing my best to not get them from the top of the refrigerator (where the pugs can’t find them — we pretend like they are children. and smart. and a lot taller than they are.) and play with them myself.

8 comments on “greedy girl gift guide.
  1. Oh man, I want that Thanksgiving plate for Cookie!

    Also, and I swear it’s true, I was so tempted to buy the Mascot collar a couple of hours ago when I saw it for $19 (half off!) at One Kings Lane. Here’s a link if you want an invite:

  2. We have those collars….they are super cute. The green and navy are particularly good – the red is a little more orange than expected.

    so bummed when I saw them on OKL today..but at least someone can get them for 1/2 off!

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