pamela love.

every so often, as you know, i come across something i just cannot live without. this ode to papel picado? this is what i cannot live without today. or, this month.

i need it. for dia de los muertos, which – in case you didn’t know – is my secret favorite holiday. so see? i really need it. i won’t even ask for anything else all month long. i’ve never needed anything more.

sidenote: did you know that … when i was a kid, i was so greedy that i wanted everything i saw. (me? hard to believe, yes.) so, my parents enacted the “saturday present” rule. if i was able to not be greedy all week long, i’d get a present on saturday. ha. what good that did, right?

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  1. so, a friend sent me the lnk to your post, saying that it made her think of me. I think this is a Gorg-a-Saurus necklace & i luv the dress too!
    i’m most excited about the fact that you said Dia de los Muertos is your fav holiday.
    i hate to sound like i’m making a selfish plug, but i’m SO into DdlM that i have a shop of Sugar Skulls… PLEASE check it out, you might really like my hand painted skulls!

    i’m a new follower now!


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