happy thursday. (+ a really, really important calendar swap reminder.)

love these updated takes on utilitarian classics… don’t you? i’ve had my eye on that bridge & burn castle coat for a while now. and the seavees offshore boots are pretty right, too. and, ok… i’ll take the timex watch from j.crew while i’m at it.

now, that really, really important calendar swap reminder i promised:

if you haven’t signed up yet for the calendar swap, i know exactly who you are. exactly. who. you. are. so go sign up now. and why not tell a friend or two to do the same? or, heck, even better… spread the news on your blog or twitter. i’ll make it easy for you — here’s a short url: http://bit.ly/aWHM08. copy. paste. tweet. voila. everyone’s happy in 2011.

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2 comments on “happy thursday. (+ a really, really important calendar swap reminder.)
  1. Ah! That Timex watch! I saw it in their catalog the other day and was completely appalled by the price. It’s 150 bucks! This watch is worth maybe $50 at most – just have a look at the Timex website, but because JCrew “endorsed” them the price tripled. By the way do note in the same JCrew catalogue Sperry shoes for men for $125 available on Sperry website for a whopping $70! I appreciate JCrew’s evolution from the fugly brand to the IT-BRAND, but I get really upset when they start taking good products and passing them under their own brand/ or “endorsing” for double the price. Oh, by the way, They also repackages the Laundress products as their own brand too.

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