a calendar a day, no. 1: npr.

i have been chomping at the bit for calendar swap/roundup time, thanks to this calendar. i have no idea why i’ve not been aware of these from npr in past years. supporting public radio with an awesome calendar? love the idea and the artists:

What does NPR look like to you?

Each year we ask prominent American artists to answer that question in their favorite medium. This year’s calendar features 13 incredible images, each representing NPR in its own way, crafted by talented artists who are also loyal NPR listeners. An NPR product truly created by the listeners for the listeners.

The calendar measures 9 x 12″ and has a pinhole for wall hanging. It is made with the environment in mind out of well-managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood or fiber in the United States.

This year’s artists are:
You Byun
Josh Cochran
The Heads of State
Andrew Holder
Jeremy Holmes
Gwenda Kaczor
Lab Partners
Christoph Neimann
Ed Parker
Jared Schorr
Matte Stephens
Junichi Tsuneoka
Jing Wei

buy it here.

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