a brand new year, a brand new calendar swap!

so i’m pretty excited to announce the third annual calendar swap. for the second year, kelly of design crush and i have teamed up for for some serious calendar fun. the first year, i had nearly 50 people from all over the world sign up. last year, it was almost 90.

i hope you’ll think about joining this year. here’s how it will go down:

+ by oct. 30, e-mail calendarswap@gmail.com and answer the following:

1. what’s your name?
2. what’s your e-mail address?
3. what’s your blog or website? or, if you don’t have one of your own, what’s your favorite blog?
4. what’s your snail-mail address?
5. for u.s. readers, which do you prefer — an international or a stateside swapmate? or does it matter?

+ we’ll pair you up and send your swapmate’s details on or around nov. 1.
+ you must (MUST. REALLY. SERIOUSLY.) have your calendar sent by nov. 21.

some tips:
+ keep your calendar under $30 but no less than $20. and, since there are some perfectly lovely and super-affordable calendars out there, you might try throwing in a few small goodies if the value doesn’t quite add up.
+ mall kiosk calendars (sudoku, lettuce babies, edward cullen, etc.) are not ok. just don’t do it.
+ handmade is welcome — just keep in mind the $20-$30 suggested value.
+ check out your swapmate’s web site or blog, or consider getting to know his or her tastes via e-mail, to get an idea of what he or she might like.
+ please, please, please send your calendar on time and do not drop the ball. it breaks our hearts to hear of someone waiting well into the new year for their calendar or, even worse, not receiving one at all.

if you have any questions, please ask them via a comment in case someone else might be wondering the same thing.

also, later today i’ll kick off a calendar-a-day roundup featuring a new favorite everyday through nov. 21. if you’re just antsy about getting started, take a look at some favorites in the past.

exciting things are happening, yes???

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