cynthia rowley.

i’ve tried, really. so hard. to get in that crisp, cool fall spirit. but it’s so hard when every time i walk outside (it’s the end of september, let me remind you), i feel like i’m drowning in an ocean of humid, hellish heat. it won’t stop.

so you can see why i’m having a bit of a time getting in the crisp, cool fall spirit. i don’t even want to wear clothes to work. i’d rather face the humiliation (and firing) than to walk outside with even the lightest layer on. because it instantly sticks to my skin. like a plastic bag too close to a hot pot on the stove. you see how it is.

so someone, please, make it stop.

i want to be thinking about this. it’s too soon to give up on fall and move straight on to resortwear, isn’t it?

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  1. It has been slowly cooling down here in the Metro NYC area. Dry days in the 70s with a nice breeze (though tomorrow’s supposed to be in the 80s again!) and temps in the upper 50s overnight. I hope that you soon get some relief from the heat too!

  2. oh it’s so nice to hear i’m not the only one complaining about the endless summer heat and therefore not yet able to get into the fall fashions just yet. lovely pics.

  3. I, too, feel like a plastic bag too close to the stove every time I step outside. It’s high time the weather cools down so I can: a) go outside without becoming outraged that the weather is still unbearably HOT, b) take my dog on a walk without needing a shower afterward, and c) wear all those fall sweaters and boots and scarves I’ve had my eye on. When will Oklahoma City cool down?! Heeellpppp!

  4. I am from Singapore and we get weather like this ALL THE TIME, lol. I guess you get used to it if you live here all your life! I always wish we have four seasons here so we could escape the humid heat but there you have it. Accept it and move on, lol!

  5. Imagining you stumbling into work in skivvies made me laugh and WOL. So congratulations on eliciting my first Whimper Out Loud in a while! I really like Cynthia’s fall stuff. You could hide an ice pack in your shirt for the drive to work. The crazy red heels would be worth it.

  6. oh I’m sorry to hear that! Back in Malaysia, that is just our daily weather all year long. yup. we got tired of complaining by the time we turned 5 maybe? haha I hope better weather rolls in fast for you! thousands of hugs.

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