welcome, pergolina!

it’s no secret that i’ve recently fallen under the spell of los angeles boutique pergolina.

from its selection of bright, exotic textiles (these african rugs and these amazing pakistani quilts, for example) to the shop’s ultra-unique homewares (like this fruitwood board and bird feeder from roost), pergolina’s offerings are a feast for the eyes. and that’s just the online shop. can you imagine what the brick-and-mortar must be like?

so you can see why i’m pretty jazzed to call pergolina my newest sponsor. store owner, paulanna, and her team (bianca, that’s you) are super-kind, and i’m very thankful to have discovered this gem of a boutique.

so go check out the shop and, also, the blog. and tell them i sent you!

grazie, paulanna… greedy girl is glad to have you!

p.s. that little party hat-wearing mouse? it kills me. too much. i want one.

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