roxy, revisited.

roxy is kind of shocking me all over again.

what? roxy? that roxy? like boardshorts roxy?

same reaction as last time. thanks, caroline, for the reminder.

i’m still loving everything about their new, grown-up look. starting with this top… that i’d kind of like in every color.

have you come across any brands lately that have surprised you? we talked ann taylor loft recently… who else has upped their game lately?

12 comments on “roxy, revisited.
  1. very right, when i came in a roxy store a few months ago because my brother wanted a skaterboy-capthing ( i know ), i found the coolest clothes like a red polkadotted raincoat and things like that, it was lovely! besides that, i’ve never been really surprised by a brand, i guess (‘:

  2. Love the cut-out top – only wish they didn’t size for 13-yr-old girls with no boobs or shoulders (boo)!

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised lately by ‘mom clothes’ retailers coming out with younger, hipper lines, like Lands End Canvas and L.L.Bean Signature. Preppy basics still, but definitely more stylish.

  3. Oh boy, I was so, so proud of my Hawaiian print Roxy duvet cover (from delia’s, I think) in middle school. It perfectly matched my bedroom’s high-gloss aqua paint and light-up hibiscus flowers.

    Fast forward to 2010: I was excited to see Roxy’s new stuff when you last posted about them. I think Roxy is really growing up, and once again, I like their line a LOT!

  4. its strange to think of these brands actually doing something other than board shorts! i live on the coast where its summer almost all year so the surf culture and surf brands are HUGGGGE… its a refreshing change!! x

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