fall wishlist, no. 2: j.crew (via net-a-porter).

so this coat is nothing short of amazing. now, if only i could have those long, skinny legs and that pair of pants.

extra points to whoever can tell me what’s going on with net-a-porter carrying j.crew.

11 comments on “fall wishlist, no. 2: j.crew (via net-a-porter).
  1. net-a-porter is collaborating w/ j.crew to sell some of the luxe items which had not been available to customers in the UK before. it’s still the same things you can find on the j.crew site, it’s just a different way to access the goodies. and yes, the fall collection is AMAZING!

  2. i was going to jump right in there with you and say that this made no sense to me whatsoever, but carol’s making a lot of sense up there. that said, where on earth on j.crew’s website are those awesome little puffy cape-sweatshirt hybrid things that jenna winds up raving about toward the end of the fall lookbook video? i love them and can’t locate them in outerwear as yet. le sigh.

  3. That green is amazing, plus it looks super cozy. Apparently even though J.Crew sells from its own site it’s only to North America and Japan–which I didn’t realize. So hopping on board with net-a-porter will make J.Crew globally available online with net-a-porter’s distribution to 170 countries. Plus, as part of this deal J.Crew is doing exclusives on colorways and styles for net-a-porter.

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