burning man.

temple • balloon • brcso, i’ve booked my flight. it’s official. i’ll be braving the elements at burning man 2010 with my burner bff holly. she’s convincing, that holly. or relentless. i’m not sure which. i think both.

five days in the nevada desert. no bed. no pugs. no joe.

despite all that, i am excited. no, really. i am. really. REALLY.

how crazy am i? yeah. i know. but don’t worry. i promise to wear a shirt at all times. probably pants most of the time, too. and my goals? seeing a rainbow. doing absolutely nothing. and getting some sun.

(photo by creativeholly.)

7 comments on “burning man.
  1. no convincing necessary—burning man gives you yet another reason to expand your wardrobe! i sure hope you have a good time though. i’ll do what i can to keep greedy girl sparkling.

    AND in case that’s not exciting enough, you also have 3–4 days of shopping in san francisco to look forward to!

  2. have fun! cupcakes or crepes when you get back, or before. Miss you! Do some san fran shopping pour moi. And take some street style shots while you’re in the desert!

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