welcome, ruche!

i’ve been a big fan of ruche for so long that i’m over the moon to announce them as my newest sponsor. why i love them:

1. their selection is huge. seriously. just trying to get this post together took forever because i had the hardest time narrowing my favorites down.

2. their prices are insane. watch out, anthropologie. the tops at top (those are FOXES at the left, fyi)? right around $30 apiece. those dresses? no more than $40. the necklace and earrings? each under $15. no kidding.

and, finally, 3. i’ve found a substitute for my completely unaffordable alexander wang hankering. it’s $50, and it’s adorable.

i hope you’ll head over to ruche right this second to give them a big greedy girl welcome. and you might also want to check out their blog because that’s where you can find special discount codes. (and sign up for their e-mails, too.)

thank you so much to ruche for joining greedy girl’s amazing group of sponsors.

11 comments on “welcome, ruche!
  1. oh my I love ruche! I just found them a few weeks ago and can’t stop posting pretty things from their site. I try to stay away, because I know my credit card number by heart and can do a LOT of damage in one visit to their beautiful site. Dangerous!

  2. i just bought the jersey dress on the right and its so comfortable. they have the cutest stuff at great prices! i wish they had a store.

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