welcome, erica weiner jewelry!

you know i love a good sparkle. and i know you do, too. and that’s why i know you’ll love erica weiner jewelry, greedy girl’s newest sponsor.

i’m sure you’ve already heard the name. maybe you’ve even snatched up a few of their one-of-a-kind pieces. seriously one-of-a-kind: ring cast from 19th century scottish wax seal? check. necklaces made from old pen nibs found in an old barn? they’ve got that, too. tiny silver hummingbird skull on a chain? oh yes. it’s my favorite — and has been for a while.

oh, and erica has a pretty badass bob, too.

so head over there now, check out their cache of curiosities. and when you find something you like, they’ll pick up the tab on shipping if you join the mailing list. then, through july 31, just enter freeshipjuly in the ‘voucher’ section at checkout.

thank you to both erica weiner jewelry and all my lovely and greedy readers for your support.

OH and i almost forgot to mention… don’t you love the vintage ephemera used in the photos and on the site? well, lucky you, you can get a big pack of it here.

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