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  1. Me too! I love Victoria’s Secret, but here’s the thing:

    All of the clothes look great in the catalog, but is often cheap and/or made poorly when I get it. I used to buy hundreds of dollars of stuff on my 0% interest credit card, assuming I would return some of it and usually end up returning all of it, dejected. Dresses and skirts are ALWAYS waaaay too long, and if they are otherwise perfect I’ll hem them…but usually there are numerous problems.

    I always by my yoga pants from them – the foldover yoga pants are so comfortable and it’s nice that they come in different lengths for short people. During the sales you can get 2 for $40 with isn’t bad.

    I just wrote a post (below) about their swimsuits. I always see such beautiful pieces but becuase of my prior clothes experiences with them, have never tried. I recently spent about $200 and got like 6 suits to try out (assuming, if i was lucky, that one would work out) and was surprised by the good quality and perfect fit that I was given. I kept two, and I’m in love with them!


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